Email engine on autopilot

Engage, nurture, convert and retain your audience with automation journeys.

Create automations that work for you

Automate all your email sequences and flows so you can focus your efforts where it matters.

Automate with ease

Create email automation sequences with ease. No tech expertise necessary.

Connect all your systems

Integrate everything, trigger from anywhere. Connect your marketing stack for smooth workflows.

Save time and efforts

Automate away time-consuming and repetitive jobs. Turn your attention to creating impact.

Turn prospects into customers - automate your user journey

Build custom journeys

Different prospect segments need different journeys, accommodate them better. Build personalized experiences with custom journey builders.

  • 👉 Visual journey builder
  • 👉 Conditional logic within email journey
  • 👉 Integrate and set triggers from external applications
  • 👉 Add time delays and schedule send times

Personalize email experiences

Tailor user experiences without compromising on automation. Leverage user data and actions to personalize your email sequences.

  • 👉 Add a range of custom fields in email campaigns
  • 👉 Conditional logic in email
  • 👉 Dynamic email content and updatable templates
  • 👉 Advanced segmentation

Trigger from anywhere

Make your automation omniscient. Connect Mailmodo with your marketing stack. Create triggered campaigns through a wide range of integrations - landing pages, websites, forms.

  • 👉 Integrate and trigger through your marketing stack - landing page, websites, forms.
  • 👉 Use Mailmodo's Rest API for triggered emails
  • 👉 Trigger from your choice of applications via Zapier

Engage every step of the user journey with Mailmodo

Password resets
Lead generation
Email notifications
Reengagement emails

Why our customers pick Mailmodo

Interactive and dynamic AMP emails
Ease of integration with choice of apps
Visual drag and drop journey builder
Transactional email within your marketing plan
Unlimited contact list with no extra charge
Advanced segmentation of contacts

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